Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pick of the Week - Flowers

I know that these flowers are out of season but they're my favorite and the color of them just put me in a good mood. They're peonies and are a spring flower and can range in many different colors. They are a native flower to Asia, North America, and parts of Europe. There are about thirty species of peonies and all are gorgeous!

Enjoy my pick of the week!

Un-veiling beauty

Etsy is a great website to find the latest in all things wedding! I have found four of my favorite veils that are great this season. They add drama and show a statement of style and grace. Etsy is a great place for up and coming designers to sell some of their latest designs. The blusher (pic #1) and the veil with the peacock feather have to be my favorite. Choose a feather with your wedding colors and you're all set to go! These totally remind me of old Hollywood and the classy ensembles they used to don.
Stay tuned for more amazing accessories for your big day!

Cute Cake Toppers

I found these super cute cake toppers on that wonderful website
Just type in cake toppers in their wedding search engine and youll be sure to find some "mini-yous" in the selection. I thought these were great and the second one even bears a slight resemblance to me and my boyfriend.. I'll be keeping that cake topper in mind for our big day!
Enjoy these cute lil' things!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Flower, girl!

Hi all!
So I just wanted to briefly talk about and show some of my favorite flowers. These bouquets can be used for centerpieces or bridal bouquets, if done right! I have been loving peonies all summer and am craving to use some in my latest flower arranging, but too bad they are completely out of season! I love the bright pink peonies for centerpieces because the buds are so big and with the color of fuschia it is sure to set a fun and flirty tone at your next event or wedding! Or even just using the classic white flowers. You can never go wrong!
I've been trying to find flowers that will fit the taste of every woman so I hope I am successful is showing that!
Enjoy my latest inspiration boards everyone!

Spotlight Vendor - Photographer

Wow it has definitely been awhile since I've written but that is all going to change as of now! I'm getting back into my new schedule which is the reason I have been m.i.a. but sweetface is back folks!
This week I would like to introduce an amazing photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. His name is Joee Wong and is not only a wonderfully creative photographer but having him photograph your special day will just add that special touch! He is near and dear to my heart because he has photographed my sister, Sarena's wedding in Leesburg, Virginia, and he photographed my cousin Vanessa's wedding in Jamaica! Pictures from both weddings were so amazing that it lead me to tears. I remember my sister's wedding like it was yesterday and seeing his pictures just keep reminding me of her special day.
Definitely take a moment to check out his blog and see his slideshow. Take a look at his amazing talent and creative eye! The pictures are amazing!
Here are a few of my favorite pictures. Enjoy!

Thanks for letting me write about you this week Joee!