Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Fair Wedding

David Tutera's My Fair Wedding is a new show on WEtv that showcases his talents and a few engaged couples who want to plan some crazy weddings! This clip I thought was hilarious. This couple is telling David about how they want a Mummer Parade themed wedding. The best part is the facial expressions he has when they tell him what they want! Good luck David! He's a great wedding planner and is really funny!

Catch his show Sundays at 10pm on WEtv...

Bridal Gowns

I've been doing some research on the latest bridal gowns and I maybe have found a few that are utterly gorgeous and classic. Every Friday, it has been a ritual of mine to watch "Say Yes to the Dress" (TLC). I love seeing different types of women trying on different dresses. Hopefully I can go to Kleinfeld's one day to get my dream dress!!!

Priscilla of Boston carries all of these gorgeous dresses, so take a peek at all of the fabulous dresses they carry at


Finding the perfect dress for your bridesmaids to wear can be a tough job. You have to put each of them into consideration and make sure the dress you pick will fir their body type. Short, tall, slim, not-so-slim, you have to each and every one of them in mind when picking out their dresses because the pictures from your wedding day will last forever!

For my sisters wedding, her colors were black, white, and green apple. She wanted her maids to wear black dresses not giving them any specific one to wear. This worked great because all of us got to choose whatever black dress we wanted, and who doesn't have that LBD already?? We all looked great in the pictures because everyone wore a black dress that matched them perfectly and didn't have to spend that $200+ on something they may never wear again!

Well, if you're not choosing to use black dresses for your BM's here are a few dresses I've found that are sure to spark attention and they can wear again! That's really another important factor... be nice, and pick out dresses they can wear again!

Pick of the Week - Amsale

Amsale has been a favorite designer of mine ever since I saw her on the Oprah show a few years back. I go on her website every now and then to see her new designs, and today I've fallen in love.

This beautiful silk taffeta, one shoulder gown is so elegant with a modern twist. I believe a gown like this would look good on any body type, including all you curvy girls (like me)!! The mermaid style gowns are sure to set off cameras by showing off your hips and stunning features!

I love the one shoulder as well. The gown will accentuate all of your upper body features and make for a glamorous bride...

I hope you enjoy this gown as much as I do. Amsale is one of the best designers out there. Be sure to check out her other gowns, especially her Blue Label Collection