Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wedding rehearsal at Hotel Lorien

First time inside Hotel Lorien in Old Town today. Cute and modern.
Friday, May 18, 2012

Kathleen & Kevin's Wedding Day 04.20.12

Kathleen and Kevin are a great couple! We met Kathleen over a year ago when she hired us to be her wedding planners. She had so many great ideas especially when it came to their cherry blossom wishing tree to their snazzy cigar bar table. The decor, food, and location were definitely great choices in pleasing all of the international guests! 
The day started off sunny, warm, with a light breeze. We knew it was going to be a jam packed wedding day so we had to bring on one of our trusty assistants! She was great, and it's always better to have an extra set of hands! We arrived Top of the Town (Arlington, VA) just as a prior event was just ending. At 4:00pm on the dot, we knew it was crunch time. This is when the time that we put on our running shoes, and are literally running around trying to get everything done before the ceremony starts! And all of the running around was worth it! 
Catering was done by fabulous Main Event Catering. We love them and their food. Andrea was so great to work with and her staff was really on top of everything and very helpful! I just have to mention the tea that Main Event served throughout the night. It was magical and delicious. It was a peach iced tea that is directly imported from Italy and my oh my was it delicious. I'm pretty sure I had about a whole bottle of it to myself!
Their photographers and florists were all friends, which was so helpful. It definitely makes the event that much more special when you know you really trust the people that are working to make your dream day come to life.
In the end, no matter how crazy or how busy a wedding day is for us, all that is important to us is the bride and groom. If they are happy, we are happy! Kathleen & Kevin were both very happy, and we couldn't have asked for a better couple to work with. 

Kathleen & Kevin, all the best to you both! Here are some pictures that I took with my trusty IPhone - lol - We're still in the process of getting the professional pics. But enjoy anyways! It is just a sneak peek of how the beautiful night went...

The wonderful cake from Kendall's Cakes

A DIY cherry blossom wishing tree

We love Top of the Town!


Getting ready for some His & Her's cocktails

A view from the top....

Poshbooth photobooths. The guests LOVED this and had so much fun with the hats!

The guests trickling in after the ceremony conducted by Jeff Maszal of Wedding Ceremonies by Jeff

A few minutes before sunset...

The lovely sweetheart table & cake

The lovely couple! Congrats to Kathleen & Kevin!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Knot Event 2012 - Arena Stage

This year we were invited as guests to attend the annual Knot DC event. Going into this event I didn't really know what to expect. I knew it would be a lot of mingling and schmoozing, which is always fun, and I really thought I'd feel a bit intimidated. Getting there it took us awhile to warm up to the crowd, but once we got in there we didn't miss a beat! The band was rocking out all thanks to NYX Entertainment. They were so much fun! I had never seen a band mixed with a DJ and I loved every second of their set. The food was catered and it was great! Different kinds of dips and hummus, and they even had a mac n cheese bar. It's exactly as it sounds! Mini cups of delicious mac n cheese and you could add your own toppings. So perfect, that we may have snuck seconds and maybe thirds haha
It was a really great event and we would really love to go again next year!  Here are a couple of pictures that we took throughout the night. There were some really great ideas! And some fun ones of just us too. Enjoy!

 One of two sculptures hanging at the bar. Glass ornaments with candles inside! 

 Lucite lamp that would sparkle when it reflected the suns rays. Very mod look!

 Still in keeping with the mod theme. The tables and lounge furniture fit the theme well. Speaking of the theme it was based on Mad Men, characters names throughout the party too! What a great idea since Mad Men is such a hot show on Bravo right now.

 I couldn't resist posing in one of the fun chairs that lit up! You can't tell in the picture but it actually lit up blue! And of course me sipping on my water. It was an open bar that night but I just enjoyed staring at the signature cocktails. 

Lining up for the popcorn bar was so fun! And not to mention the popcorn was so delicious! Thank you to
Dolci Gelati! We definitely did not go hungry tonight!

With our favorite officiant, Jeff Maszal!

Wedding cake perfection all done by Jason Reaves of Market Salamander in Middleburg, VA. Just one of our many favorites! See the next few pictures for his bite-sized cupcakes!

Can you tell what the theme is? It's all Mad Men!

Hello, Mr. Draper!

Loved the Arena Stage for this year's venue. It was very modern and had great flow for an event such as this one!

This has to be THE best or one of the best photobooths we have seen yet! The Majestic was great and love that there was a 6-picture option!

Delicious gelato from Dolci Gelati. Mmm Mmm... SO good!

Awesome floral arrangements by Edge Flowers!

One of the most entertaining bands/DJ's we've ever seen. We love the combination of having both at your wedding. They really got the crowd going! Awesome job NYX Entertainment!

We had such a great time at this event, and cannot wait for next year! A BIG thank you to The Knot DC!

Saturday, May 5, 2012
So...our oldest girl Ava Jude turned three in April.  Happy birthday baby girl! Can't believe you are three already.  We are currently planning a princess party for her since she loves anything princess and these are some of the things we got our inspiration from.  The funny thing was us trying to bargain shop and find prince swords for the boys!  The swords are actually going to be way cooler than the princess wands! I think the DIY bar is raised every year, especially when the mother of the child is an event planner.  I wonder what Martha Stewart's child birthday parties were like (does she even have any kids?)