Friday, August 19, 2011

Boho + Chic = Perfection

Another wedding style that I love to find pictures of is the perfect mix of bohemian and tres chic! Boho chic is a great combination of class and a free spirit. It's the feathers, relaxed/flowy wedding gowns, lots of candles. It's a gorgeous mix of perfection!
The mix of pictures I put together on our latest board are just a few of my favorites. Especially using the TOMS as wedding shoes. I bought a pair of the black sparkly ones to wear at the weddings we work at, but I love the pink, silver, and gold sparkly ones too! I love the concept behind it.. I can go on and on and I know we've blogged about them before :P

I think the idea behind a boho chic wedding is to be as green as possible and use a lot of natural products. Mason jars are a staple at boho themed weddings as well as candlesticks and lots of flowers! It's all beautiful and definitely one of my favorite kind of weddings. I hope you like the board I created and feel free to comment!


Paris, J'adore!

One of my dream places to visit is Paris. I've always been mesmerized by the fashion, people, and culture. From Coco Chanel to Christian Louboutin, it's all so inspiring. I've never actually been to the city, but it's on my Bucket List! I know I'll make it to the city of love one day, no matter how long it takes!
So on to my next blog. All things French. When I took the language in high school and college, I never really cared to understand a deeper meaning of the French people. But now I can't help but love everything francais. The images of riding through the French countryside with a baguette in the basket makes me grin from ear to ear, so I thought I'd blog about it. I pulled some of my favorite French images and wanted to make an inspiration board out of it. Maybe you're interested in having a french themed wedding one day or maybe you love France just as much as I do and want to see what a wedding would look like.

I hope this inspiration board helped in making you fall in love with Paris...  I can't wait to travel this this city one day, and hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. Have any experience from a trip to Paris that you'd like to share? Ever been to a French themed wedding? Comment now!

More blogs to come...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY and YouTube

Nowadays most of our brides incorporate some kind of DIY (Do It Yourself) project for their wedding.  Even the most sophisticated bride wants to save some on some aspects of the wedding as well as channel their inner Martha Stewarts (I know their are even some crafty grooms out there!) Everyone loves Etsy and I most recently wanted to make baby bows for our newborn girl Eden, so instead of purchasing these awesome hair bows and bands on various sites I YouTubed "baby hair bands" and got a ton of videos for me to DIY.  Not to mention my near by Dollar Tree and Michaels had a ton of plastic flowers and supplies to help me get started.  What is your DIY project for your wedding?  I bet YouTube has a video to teach you and maybe even your local Dollar Tree has some supplies you'll need!