Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pick of the Week - Invites

I know there's already a Pick of the Week for this week, but I just had to add this as another favorite of mine!

So this week's pick of the week is going to be an incredible invitation that I have chosen from a sea of ones I've been looking at.
This one is from Elum Designs. It is gorgeous! It has a mix of classic and contemporary and it is perfect! I love the block lettering for the initials and date of the wedding and I love the colors picked for the invite. For my wedding (if I were to go with this invite) I would like to use a navy blue and soft pink for this.... how perfect?!


  1. I was hooked on Elum when I was planning my wedding. I think that is where I got the idea for my wedding invitation that I had made in Manila.