Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Did Someone Say Stella & Dot?

So, I have started a new venture... I recently (very recently) became a Stylist for the company, and couldn't be more excited. There are some really really great pieces, including my faves - the Jacinthe Bracelet, the Somervell Necklace, the Nancy Studs! All that I wear almost daily. Not to mention, the jewelry is great, but the purses are even greater! Who doesn't need the City Slim Diamond Raffia Cluth or the Metallic Pouf?! I have both in my display and love all the different prints and styles.
Since we're in the wedding biz, I make it a point to try and sell the bridal accessories. The Deco Earrings make for the perfect pair or the Daphne Pearl Necklace makes for a great statement piece.
I get so excited about all the different accessories, because I really feel like they're designed for all the fashionistas out there and could really pull your day to night look together. You should take a look at my site: and let me know if you have any questions at all! All orders come gift ready in cute little boxes, and my favorite part is the quick shipping! I ordered the Diamond Raffia Clutch on a Thursday morning, and got it in the mail by Saturday afternoon! What a treat that was!

Anyways, I really think you'd love the accessories, now go check everything out :)