Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

I feel like its been awhile since my last post. So I need to catch up on some things!

Ok, so I'm loving the look for a wedding gown with bright colored shoes to match the themes of the wedding. I've found a lot of pictures that feature this new trend and hope you can get some inspiration...

My favorites are the last two pairs of shoes! I especially LOVE the J. Crew pair on the right =)

So if you're wondering where to get the perfect pair but don't have the Louboutin budget look to ebay or other online shoe stores such as
Last year my sister found her silver Sam Edelman flats on ebay for a great deal! She wore them with her ivory lace gown and it looked amazing, and to top it all of she was comfortable at the same time!

I love these last two shoes. I don't think I personally would have a blue wedding but for those shoes I would consider it!

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