Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Finding the perfect dress for your bridesmaids to wear can be a tough job. You have to put each of them into consideration and make sure the dress you pick will fir their body type. Short, tall, slim, not-so-slim, you have to each and every one of them in mind when picking out their dresses because the pictures from your wedding day will last forever!

For my sisters wedding, her colors were black, white, and green apple. She wanted her maids to wear black dresses not giving them any specific one to wear. This worked great because all of us got to choose whatever black dress we wanted, and who doesn't have that LBD already?? We all looked great in the pictures because everyone wore a black dress that matched them perfectly and didn't have to spend that $200+ on something they may never wear again!

Well, if you're not choosing to use black dresses for your BM's here are a few dresses I've found that are sure to spark attention and they can wear again! That's really another important factor... be nice, and pick out dresses they can wear again!

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