Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Do Wedding Planners Plan Their Own Weddings?

Does a wedding planner plan her own wedding?
That has seemed to be the question that a lot of people have been asking me the last few months as I've delved into planning for my big day. Apart from having a full time day job, a business, and family and friends that want to see me, it's been rather tough to find enough time to really sit down and plan. With me, the difficulty has been finding the decor and details that I really want to have part of our wedding and not changing my mind to the next cutest thing! My poor fiance :P He's been so great, and really that has been the secret to my success in planning our wedding. It's having a groom that is very involved and helpful! Thank goodness for him! And oh my, has he been patient with my indecisiveness!
Other than those things, planning has been great. So to answer the question, does a planner plan her own wedding? I say yes! You only get one wedding, and why not use your expertise and connections to plan the best wedding out there! It's definitely different than planning a client's wedding. There are more emotional ties to yours, and you are the one making all the final decisions! It's so hard... But with the right support system, anyone can do it. The one thing that I will always recommend to anyone having a wedding - big or small - at least hire a Day Of Coordinator. This will ease your mind, and all of those around you. Pick someone you can trust, and someone who can execute your vision. And the bonus is that your mom, sister, bridesmaids, and yourself will be able to enjoy the evening without having to worry about setting up or packing up! I have hired myself a Day Of - one of our very own, and one of the best Assistants Sweetface has ever seen.
This wedding planner has planned every detail... Now let's do this! 67 Days and counting!

My future Hubs is SO good at assembling invitations. It was a night filled with pizza and paper cuts - at least they're all out!