Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Intern Spotlight - Kelly Sartorius

I began interning for Sweetface Events during the summer after my freshman year at University of South Carolina. I fell in love with wedding planning during my sophomore year at Herndon High when my fashion teacher, Julie Pickering, had our class plan our own wedding as an end of the year project. Little did I know when I was looking for internships that summer, that Mrs. Pickering had also taught Nicole a few years before! What a small world.
My time with Sweetface events can only be described as, well, sweet! As soon as I met Nicole and Sarena I knew I was in good hands. Having never helped plan a wedding before, I was a tad concerned that I would have no idea what to do when I helped out with the first wedding in May. Turns out, I didn’t! But Nicole and Sarena knew exactly what to do, all the time. They had quick fixes for everything that went wrong. They even brought this huge bag that carried everything from scissors to safety pins to white out. Anything that you would need to fix a wedding blooper, they had. What also impressed me was the extremely detailed, down-to-the-minute schedule that they handed all the interns before we started the weddings. It was comforting for an extremely Type A girl like me. And I knew that with all the preparations they had, the weddings would go on no matter what hindrances seemed to come about.

Nicole and Sarena also spent time on me. I had lots of questions, and they were always so willing to sit down and answer them for me, give me tips and help me decide where my next steps would be. They are extremely approachable. I felt so comfortable asking them for help or admitting I needed direction. They never dismissed me or made me feel like I was “just” an intern.
I also learned SO much from working with Sweetface. I loved being able to see first-hand what goes into day-of coordinating. Whether it was setting up escort cards, attending to the bride and bridal party, cutting off the bottoms of candles with knives so they would fit the holders or arranging centerpieces on tables, I was always working on something. I feel much more confident now taking on an actual wedding because of my experience with Nicole and Sarena. My time with them was so great that Nicole even asked me to help with her own wedding this October. While I am nowhere near deserving of being asked of that, it just goes to show once again how thoughtful and down-to-earth the whole business is. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone I meet!