Monday, August 4, 2014

Bridal Shower Bliss: A How-To Guide for the MOH

Congrats on being the maid of honor! Among your duties include organizing the bridal shower. Confused and unsure where to start? We’ve got you. 

First things first, establish a budget. The bride should not pay for the shower; that responsibility falls on the bridesmaids. Talk with them to establish a fair contribution from everyone, then work on how to divide the money. Besides big-ticket items like food, consider smaller expenses in your budget including fresh flowers, invitations and postage, and favors. 

Next, get input from the bride. Go over the basics: favorite food, colors, etc. Ask her to create a guest list. Will it be an intimate gathering or will all women invited to the wedding receive an invitation? Be sure to send an invitation the bride’s mother and other close female relatives as a courtesy, even if they don't live nearby or cannot attend. After these initial questions, leave the bride out of the planning process. This event should be for her, not by her!

Establish a location. Will you rent a venue (usually space at a restaurant or country club) or host it at a bridesmaid’s house? This affects food as well. If renting a location, be sure to ask about minimum food and beverage charges. If you'd prefer to have it at a private home, will the food be catered or prepared by the bridal party? 

Once the date and details have been set, you can design an invitation. Be sure to include the registry, RSVP options, and dress code in the description. Evites may be easiest for a younger crowd, but traditional paper invites are appropriate for all generations.

Next comes the fun part! When working on games and activities, keep it light - make sure not to embarrass the bride! Yes, that means no wrapping toilet paper around her to create a wedding dress.  

The week before, have everything confirmed and prepared. Hold a crafting session with the other bridesmaids if you're doing DIY décor. Finalize all games and activities.

Last thing: delegate! You may be planning the event, but the other bridesmaids are there to support you! 

Sweetface Tips & Tricks:

  • You don't have to match the bridal shower colors to the wedding.
  • Involve the groom by asking him questions about himself that can be used later for trivia.
  • Have a timeline. As the MOH and hostess, you will serve as the MC and are responsible from moving people away from small talk and to the organized activities.
  • Check out Etsy for budget-friendly décor shops (some of our favorites include Simply Smitten Designs for invites, Bahana Splits Boutique for crafting supplies, and My Little Otter for dining accessories).

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