Thursday, August 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Why Use a Day Of Coordinator?

It's Thursday again...and we are throwin it back to 2011! Check out this post from the archives that proves good advice never goes out of style. 


All brides have a budget, that's a fact.  Let's get real though, that budget pretty much goes out the window once you find your dream venue, wedding gown, photographer -- and don't forget that photo booth or black and white checkered dance floor that you just can't live without!  We understand the challenges of trying not to overspend.  At the same time, we know the once-in-a-lifetime chance of having everything that's really important to you make your wedding day truly "YOURS" and unique from the last wedding you went to!

Most brides overlook the importance of hiring a Day Of Coordinator for their wedding simply because they didn't make a budget for it.  With that in mind, most brides can get away with not hiring a coordinator because of the venues they work with.  For example, if you choose any of the big banquet hotel chains, they have an Event Planner on hand to take care of the cocktail and reception details and they will even line your bridal party up for the big intro.

But what about all the millions of details before the reception?  Hiring a Day Of Coordinator not only gives you the peace of mind that you have a hands-on adviser in most cases months before your wedding, but it allows you to have less worries from the second you wake up on your big day until the last box of decor is packed away after the big celebration. 

A Day Of Coordinator is simply your right hand 'behind the scenes' man on your wedding day.  This is the person that will handle all the things you don't want to even think about as you enjoy every second of your big day.  What bride wants their bridal party or Aunt Martha putting together the last intricate details of their centerpieces?  Who knows all your vendors by name, has your timeline memorized, makes sure the corsages are put on correctly, knows the layout of the reception hall, knows exactly when to change the lighting and has a hands-on back up emergency kit just in case your dress rips, or one of your bridesmaids breaks a heel?  Call us J-Lo in the Wedding Planner, but that's exactly what we're equipped for!  We've just replaced J-Lo's head set for our walkie talkies :o) and thank the Lord none of our brides have ripped their dress or had anyone fall in the ceremony (the reception is a whole other story).....!

Some reasons where I believe you MUST have a Day Of Coordinator:
1. Having your wedding at a B&B, winery, or historic landmark: Most of these venues DO  NOT have a planner on site, which means you would have to rely on your caterer and DJ to make everything flow. Do you trust your DJ and caterer enough to handle that job?

2. Having a wedding guest list of 150 or more: Most catering directors rely on their staff to manage sections of the wedding guest seating.  They will be too focused on getting the food out on time and any decor malfunctions or guest seating mix-ups will not be their priority.

3. If you have intricate decor/centerpiece setups: Most florists help with flower centerpieces but they may miss any detail requests on table cards, favors, and any additional decor you have on tables and the around reception hall.  

Overall, your coordinator would make sure you get exactly what you envisioned your "dream day" to be.  Maybe a full time Wedding Coordinator is not in the budget, but don't undermine what a Day Of Coordinator could help make your wedding day run smoothly!
Sweetface Events Day Of Coordinator: $$$
Peace of Mind: Priceless!

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