Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY and YouTube

Nowadays most of our brides incorporate some kind of DIY (Do It Yourself) project for their wedding.  Even the most sophisticated bride wants to save some on some aspects of the wedding as well as channel their inner Martha Stewarts (I know their are even some crafty grooms out there!) Everyone loves Etsy and I most recently wanted to make baby bows for our newborn girl Eden, so instead of purchasing these awesome hair bows and bands on various sites I YouTubed "baby hair bands" and got a ton of videos for me to DIY.  Not to mention my near by Dollar Tree and Michaels had a ton of plastic flowers and supplies to help me get started.  What is your DIY project for your wedding?  I bet YouTube has a video to teach you and maybe even your local Dollar Tree has some supplies you'll need!

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