Friday, August 19, 2011

Boho + Chic = Perfection

Another wedding style that I love to find pictures of is the perfect mix of bohemian and tres chic! Boho chic is a great combination of class and a free spirit. It's the feathers, relaxed/flowy wedding gowns, lots of candles. It's a gorgeous mix of perfection!
The mix of pictures I put together on our latest board are just a few of my favorites. Especially using the TOMS as wedding shoes. I bought a pair of the black sparkly ones to wear at the weddings we work at, but I love the pink, silver, and gold sparkly ones too! I love the concept behind it.. I can go on and on and I know we've blogged about them before :P

I think the idea behind a boho chic wedding is to be as green as possible and use a lot of natural products. Mason jars are a staple at boho themed weddings as well as candlesticks and lots of flowers! It's all beautiful and definitely one of my favorite kind of weddings. I hope you like the board I created and feel free to comment!


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