Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Venue Spotlight

The Gaylord National Hotel & Resort

This 2,000 room hotel just opened at National Harbor, Maryland in November and it is one grand hotel & resort. Walking into the lobby alone the chandeliers were incredible down to the floral displays on the tabletops. They used different heights of vases with water filled to the top and orchids floating. It is a very classy hotel that can meet the needs of all types of people. As you walk through the lobby you walk into the atrium which has an 18 story glass ceiling. It is just beautiful.
I took the liberty of giving myself a tour of the hotel and its grounds and took a few pictures during my visit! Lucky for me the doors to the Woodrow Wilson Ballroom was open and I took a few snapshots as well as the Cherry Blossom Ballroom which is a great little room that you can hold cocktails in! There is a club, Pose, on the top floor that is only open to hotel guests and it is supposed to be very high class. 
The hotel & resort is located just across the Potomac River and is easily accessible  via water taxi or highway. It has gorgeous views of the harbor especially during sunset. I've noticed that the hotel is offering some amazing deals, assuming because it is a new hotel and they're still trying to pass on the message of its opening. At National Harbor there are many delicious restaurants and most are open late for the nightlife crowd. 

The Gaylord National Hotel & Resort - view from the Potomac

Atrium view from inside the lobby

The Woodrow Wilson Ballroom

Another angle of The Woodrow Wilson Ballroom

The entrance to The Cherry Blossom Ballroom.. great for a cocktail reception!

The Cherry Blossom Ballroom

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