Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have been seeing a lot of new and innovative ideas when it comes to invitations and save the dates. There are so many ways that you can update a save the date just by using modern fonts and colors. Your save the date colors don't necessarily have to match your wedding colors or even your invite colors for that matter. Just use your imagination and they'll be sure to be a hit with your guests! 

I've found a new way to search for fonts that I'm very excited about! Well, I've been getting my brother to come up with a logo for Sweetface and he suggested i google "photoshop fonts", and I found so many great ones! If you are making your save the dates or invites all by yourself then thats a great way to find fonts that best match your style. There's anything from handwritten fonts to really nice calligraphy! I wish I was more of a photoshop pro but knowing me I'd become addicted! 

Here are some great invites I've seen lately and one special invitation that my sister's friend created using her wonderful creativity and photoshop skills! It's one of my favorite invitations that I've seen in awhile and just thought I'd share it with you. Enjoy these great invites....

-some pictures courtesy of etsy.com, elum, and chi burton-

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