Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I know its been around for quite sometime now but I think veils and headpieces are fabulous. The simplicity and the elegance the veils hold can make any bride look incredibly classy! There are different ways a bride can wear them. The veil can go over their eyes in a side sweep, it can be pulled back away from their face to cover only their hair, or it can be adorned with jewels and feathers to give it that extra flair. 

Your headpiece makes such a statement. If you choose to wear a classic veil, thats great, you can never really go wrong with a traditional veil (unless it's one from the 80's.. please stay away from those!!). I have seen many brides use their headpieces to show off their sense of style, straying away from the norm of a regular veil and putting pieces with rhinestones or flowers. I have found a few pictures on www.etsy.com. Etsy is a great website to find handcrafted items such as jewelry, bags, etc that are very unique and hard to find in stores!

I say that you should wear something that makes a statement and makes you stand out on your big day. You only get to do it once so why not pull out all the stops! And as you know, all eyes are on you..

Feel free to comment on what you think on the items I've posted or if you have any other ideas!

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