Thursday, July 2, 2009

A few budget ideas..

Wedding season is in full swing! I have already been to a few weddings this season and have been so lucky to see what the new and innovative ideas of 2009 are. I mean, who would've thought that 'tiffany blue' and hot hot pink would go so well together! And in this economy DIY projects save a bundle: baking your cookie favors, buying several packs of water crackers, or simply printing out your save the dates can save you $$$ that can go towards the honeymoon fund or being able to get that photographer of your dreams! Don't hesitate to budget a little more in certain aspects of your dream day so you can get your dream wedding dress :)
Have you thought about enlisting the help of your friends to help you out? A creative friend of my sister's made her invites and program fans and they looked stunning with the help of trusted Photoshop. Get friends to help you with baking your favors. It saves time, money and it's a great girls night!
There are really so many things you can do help save a couple bucks on you just have to think outside the box. Check out deals on craigslist barter or freecycle, just do your research!


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