Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sweetface Events

Welcome to the first official post of Sweetface Events! 

I'll tell you a little bit about myself before I start blogging.. My name is Nicole and am an aspiring event planner. I'm currently in school for event planning and hope to one day, very soon (as in the next year), be an official event planner in the Washington, DC area. I have a lot of experience from taking classes at school to being at an event first hand planning it from start to finish. It all started in 2006 when I graduated from the Advertising program at Sheridan College in Ontario, and I wanted something more. Advertising just wasn't cutting it for me anymore so I thought about it long and hard. I applied to the Hospitality program at Ryerson University in Toronto and came to learn that event planning was an aspect of hospitality! Who knew?! I had always loved helping plan and attend any kind of event so this was the perfect fit for me! From Ryerson I moved on to the Special Event Planning & Destination Tourism program at George Brown College which I will be graduating from in 2010. Event planning has been my passion for years now and I can definitely say my life revolves around it, just ask my family and friends! Well that's it for now, check out the 'About Me' for more info about me and my inspiration behind Sweetface Events.


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